Marketing with Mundane Promotional Items

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Very often in this section of the blog I talk about the unique, custom promotional products that we have produced for our customers. Those items are fun to discuss because they are unusual and hopefully will inspire you to get creative, but if I’m perfectly honest with you the vast majority of the promo items that we distribute are far more mundane than that. That’s OK, though, because sometimes it’s the mundane things that get you the most brand exposure.

I think it’s fair to say that most large companies require their employees to wear name badges (or at least the large companies that we work with do). Well, if you have to display a name badge at all times while at the office, then you need something to hold it, which is why so many of our customers order large quantities of imprinted retractable badge reels and/or lanyards. Their employees attach their badges to either of those items in the morning and most likely do not remove them until after work. That’s a good thing for their employers because that brings them marketing exposure all day long.

Although people who are wearing name badges are probably at work for the bulk of the day, they still leave for lunch, pick their kids up from school, and run errands during the workday. Chances are they will not take off their name badge because doing so would risk losing it, so whether they are wearing a badge reel clipped to their belt or a lanyard around their neck, the people who they encounter will see their company’s logo.

If you are an organization that requires your employees to wear a name badge, then you should certainly consider giving them imprinted badge pulls or lanyards. Why waste money on something that doesn’t give your branding a boost when instead you can take mundane items and make them work to your advantage?!


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