Make Sure You’re In The Pink During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

6237594287_de2aef298e_oYes, it is just July. I know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So, you wonder, why are we pushing pink in the middle of summer? Here’s why. I’ve seen too many businesses forget all about their Breast Cancer Awareness promotions until late September. By that time, we’re all out of the pink items they want.

You can’t imagine the sick sounds associated with the sinking feeling promotions managers make when they realize they’ve missed one of the biggest promotional opportunities of the year.  Unless, of course, your business is one that has missed out in the past, then you do know what I’m talking about.

Breast Cancer awareness scarf

Breast Cancer awareness scarf

Breast Cancer Awareness month is among the most popular promotions of the entire year. So, I’m making it my business to remind you about your October campaigns and promotions now. With little else going on until the end of summer, it’s a perfect time to make sure you’re “in the pink” by October 1st when it all begins.

Place your orders to promote the annual community Breast Cancer Awareness walks and runs. And, remember that the third week of October is dedicated to Male Breast Cancer awareness, which has seen an increase in recent years.

With entire teams encouraged to wear pink throughout the month you’ll want to make sure you don’t let your team down. Place your orders for your pink tote bags, T-shirts, pens, caps, mugs and other items right now.

So, get in the pink early. It feels really good.


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