Make Everyday Earth Day and Every Promotion Earth Friendly

earthEarth Day comes around but once a year. During this day some people may turn their attention to their behaviors and might be more diligent about recycling those beer and soda bottles instead of tossing them into the trash. Perhaps they’ll stick a cloth grocery sack in the car as a reminder to bring home less plastic or brown paper bags.  We all do tend to be a bit more eco-conscientious on this particular day designated as Earth Day. For far too many, though, that mindset doesn’t make it much past April 22.

Corporations Can Make a Difference.

As business owners and heads of corporations, we have the opportunity to make the preservation of our earth’s beauty and bounty part of our corporate mission statements. We can insist on using only recycled papers and inks for printed materials. We can establish recycling throughout out places of business. We can initiate internal programs and campaigns to heighten awareness and participation in reducing, reusing and recycling.

I am in love with our planet. As the head of a promotional marketing firm, I search for and prefer to work with suppliers that are also earth-friendly. It isn’t always possible to provide every client with eco-friendly products, however we do always make the effort.

Create Year Long Earth Friendly Promotions.

7848581Perhaps you’ve already kicked off your Earth Day promotions. If not, you can launch one on or close to Earth Day to extend through the year to next year’s Earth Day. We can help you get started with an exceptional array of items made from recycled materials, such as pens made from recycled plastic bottles, paper made from elephant dung and items made with biodegradable materials like bamboo. With backpacks, grocery totes, notebooks, frames and desktop organizers made from recycled materials and bamboo it will be easy to encourage employees and clients to be more eco-friendly.

Items that can be used time and time again are key such as water bottles; lunch totes and mugs with an environmentally aware message to replace Styrofoam cups can also make a big difference. Keep in mind too that recyclable papers and inks can be used on these types of products.

Our Recycling Policy.

7379394We frequently have companies ask us about our recycling policy. In a nutshell, these are some of the many practices we have in place. We reuse boxes, have reusable cups instead of Styrofoam, reuse paper and we have digital fax so no more unwanted faxes are printed automatically. Like many companies we have eco-policies in place as part of our mission statement. We encourage other companies to embrace eco-policies wherever and whenever they can and make that their philosophy for all of their marketing and promotional materials.

We humans tend to take our waterways and forests and all of our great natural resources for granted. Earth Day was established to make the world aware that these resources are being polluted, abused and overused. We have come a long way in cleaning up rivers and our air through the mighty efforts of the Earth Day founders and those who work tirelessly on their behalf. However, we still have a long way to go.

We are here and always happy to help you in this endeavor and with all your promotional needs for Earth Day and every day.

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