Let’s Start Thinking Differently Now For Business In A Very Different New Year

If you’re like me, you’ll be very happy to see 2020 come to a close. It’s been one of the strangest years of my lifetime. On one hand, I felt like the year was dragging mercilessly on, while at other moments I felt as if it was going at warp speed. Time has never felt so totally distorted.

Everything Old Is New Again

Fortunately we are coming to the close of this wild and crazy year and it’s time to start thinking and making plans for a year that will be filled with novel ways of doing old things. Everything about 2021 will be different. That means we all need to think differently about how we are going to conduct business. For instance, how will you keep employees who are working remotely on a permanent basis engaged? And, how will you prospect for new business? As you can see, the old ways of doing business will be approached differently than they were in years prior.

Conferences and trade shows are on a hard pause, and we have no way of knowing when it will be safe to gather in large groups again. New employee training will be done at a distance. And, who knows how many of the ways of doing business that are emerging will become the new normal even when COVID-19 dissipates and allows us to move about more freely.

Keep It Fresh And Exciting

The question is, how will you conduct virtual trainings and team meetings with elements that engage? Beyond trainings and meetings how will you help employees stay engaged? You’ll want to keep them supplied with the kind of materials you would be giving out if they were in the office. A journal and pen, a 3-ring binder with all the training materials, along with motivational/inspirational calendar or books. This is where we can be of help creating materials that are engaging, fresh and exciting to keep your employees feeling like they are an integral and valued part of the team.

Make “In-The-Box” Events Look And Feel Like “Out-Of-The-Box” Experiences

Events in a box were born during this pandemic year. So, how about planning some of those events that will occur throughout the new year. You may be sending your clients materials to their home office that you would have given them at the annual trade show or conference they typically attend. You’ll want your packaging and messaging to surprise, delight and engage. We can help take your boxed events to a new level with special packaging and messaging. Now is a great time to be thinking about how you want to stand out in the New Year.

Old Ways Of Prospecting Are Getting Ready To Trend

What about prospecting? You may not have been weaned on making actual phone calls to people. That’s how business was done in the olden days! In the digital age, it’s been email and text messages that keep you in touch with your prospects. Actual phone calls became intrusive. But oh how that has changed. Real people talking on the phone is trending during this pandemic. I’m predicting that getting a real person on the phone is going to be easier than ever now that social distancing and working from home has taken the sense of being together out of the equation. Engaging a prospect is going to take more personal attention now. You’re going to have to stand out with mailings that are worth talking about. We can help make that happen. Then you may get an actual phone call from your prospect! That’s the way I see things trending.

A different way of doing business is coming in the New Year. We bring a world of thinking differently to every experience, so let’s put our heads together – digitally of course – and get ready to rock the New Year!

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