Let’s Make It The Season Of Authenticity, Gratitude And Generosity

From the hauntingly sweet celebration of Halloween, we move into the season of thanks and giving.

Our hearts open wide, and our generosity of spirit very often tends to extend to those we know and love as well as complete strangers. Seasonal songs suddenly flow through us. Joy fills the air. But, as a business owner, where do your thoughts of thanks go first? I hope your answer is to your employees.

Without employees, business could not exist.

We need others to make our businesses run smoothly and keep on keeping on. And authenticity of appreciation is felt so very often without a word being said.

There are many gifts and tokens of appreciation that can be given, and we can certainly help you come up with gift-giving ideas for your employees, clients and prospects. In the meantime, here are some thoughts about gratitude and generosity I found at forbes.com to help you get into the spirit of the season.

Thanking employees increases productivity. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania discovered that grateful leaders motivate their employees to be more productive. In one study involving fundraising calls, employees who were thanked by their managers made 50% more fundraising calls than their co-workers.
Gratitude improves well-being. Many studies have linked gratitude to better physical health. Grateful people tend to have lower blood pressure, improved immunity, and healthier hearts. Some studies even suggest gratitude can help you live longer
Gratitude builds mental strength. Studies show grateful people are more resilient. They’re better equipped to manage stress and they experience fewer toxic emotions, like resentment and envy.
Generosity is contagious. When leaders show appreciation and gratitude, there’s likely to be a ripple effect. Studies show cooperative and altruistic behavior spreads from person to person. Showing gratitude toward someone is likely to inspire that person to thank other people.
Gratitude increases job satisfaction. Research has linked gratitude to increased job satisfaction. When people feel appreciated, and they show appreciation for what they have, they’re more likely to be happy with their jobs.

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