Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella and Everyone Will Get Wet!

rain-791893_640Nothing puts a damper on an outdoor event more than being unprepared for changes in the weather. April showers always coincide with so many springtime outdoor events that you will be well advised to ignore the lyrics of that old yet popular song that advises, “Let a smile be your umbrella!”

Your clients, prospects and employees would be much more appreciative if you provided protection in the form of a nice umbrella. Not only will your company be remembered for its preparedness, you could be showered with compliments and new business with your brand and message splashed beautifully on the outside or inside of the umbrella canopy, on the handle or the strap.

Custom Promotional LOGO EVA Rain Poncho w/ snap fastener

Custom Promotional LOGO EVA Rain Poncho w/ snap fastener

Golf and tennis tournaments, company picnics, music events, corporate runs/walks as well as launch parties, fund raisers and ribbon-cutting ceremonies all present perfect opportunities to plan for inclement weather. For sporting event participants as well as those in the bleachers at outdoor stadiums you can provide ponchos imprinted with your logo.

For gardeners, April showers mean May flowers. For those earthy types you might want to provide something more meaningful like packets of seeds, gardening kits or even a rain gauge with your logo imprinted on it.

When you are sponsoring events at the beach, we’ve also got you covered. We can splash your brand on waterproof cases for travel documents, tablets, phones, laptop computers and more.

And, remember, April 22nd is Earth Day. There’s plenty of time to order your earth friendly, environmentally conscious promotional items.

Earth Day Small Seed Paper Bookmark

Earth Day Small Seed Paper Bookmark

Why not join in celebrating and honoring our amazing earth by launching an eco-style promotion. We have an exceptional array of items made from recycled materials, such as pens made from recycled plastic bottles, paper made from elephant dung and items made with biodegradable materials like bamboo. With backpacks, grocery totes, notebooks, frames and desktop organizers made from recycled materials and bamboo it will be easy to encourage employees and clients to be more eco-friendly. These are items they can use time and time again. Also, providing water bottles, lunch totes and mugs with an environmentally aware message to replace Styrofoam cups can make a big difference. And it’s important to note that recyclable papers and inks can be used on these types of products.

Many companies have eco-policies in place as part of their mission statements and for all of their marketing and promotional materials. We frequently have companies ask us about our recycling policy. In a nutshell, these are some of the many practices we have in place. We reuse boxes, have reusable cups instead of Styrofoam, reuse paper and we have digital fax so no more unwanted faxes are printed automatically.

April is lush with opportunities to promote your company and brands and to promote earth friendly awareness while keeping clients, prospects and employees happy. And we are always here to happily help you accomplish your promotional goals. When you’re ready to make a splash, give us a call.


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