I’m Turning 30!

The year: 1992. The date: July 7th. The truth: Gossett Marketing is turning 30. I launched my business 30 years ago on July 7, 1992. I’m just as excited, and in some ways more so today, as I was back then. So, in some strange way, it feels like I’m just now turning 30 too!

Gossett Marketing came into existence because I had recently been downsized from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in my role as Director of Marketing. I started doing some consulting work as I searched for a new job. I was presented with a great opportunity from a very large company to set up their in-house ad agency and was all set to accept the offer but realized that just wasn’t where my heart was.

Even though I come from a very entrepreneurial family and had always thought I would have my own business, when I told my parents I was launching a business they thought I was crazy and asked, “Didn’t you learn anything from us?” Well, the fact is both of my parents are still living and are very proud of me and the long-term success Gossett Marketing has enjoyed.

I’m proud to announce that I still have my first large client, Greater Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. We designed and produced a custom frame for the 1994 POW WOW convention as well as custom “Post Card” bags for each night of the convention.

In retrospect, all the pieces lined up perfectly. I had a neighbor who was an amazing product designer. He and I were always talking about how we could help companies brand themselves more effectively. The concept was to create custom products for clients. And so we did. Before long, one client after another asked if I could get them a pen or a shirt or a bag and other more “typical” products. I kept broadening my offerings. Then clients began asking for help with brochures, flyers, trade show booths, direct mail, and we expanded again.

This month and next I’m going to journey back to 1992 and talk about the history of women-owned businesses in general and my woman-owned business specifically. I hope you’ll come back and read more about the multitude of twists and turns Gossett Marketing has experienced and survived in upcoming articles later this month and next. In the meantime, I have a celebration to plan!

It was funny last week I reconnected with one of my old bosses from 41 years ago!! Hard to believe. He was kind enough to say I was 12 when I started to work for him. He’s probably close to 80 now and still doing some consulting work. Has a client here in Miami so we are going to meet for lunch in late July.

It truly is amazing. I really can’t believe its been 30 years.

Been through a lot. Initial growth, 9/11 was a huge set-back, growth again then 2008/9 recession, another set-back, growth, pandemic, and now coming out of it and growing again. I guess I am resilient

1992: The number of women-owned businesses in the United States reached 6.4 million in 1992,

Today: 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the U.S.

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