How To Get a Handle on 2017 Marketing Success

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Here we are facing another holiday season and another year-end. I love to help my clients during this socially active yet somewhat quieter business time to start focusing on key promotional events for the coming year. This is the perfect time to take in the big picture view.

Getting a handle on all the key promotional events for 2017 that your company will be doing positions you for greater marketing success.

The following list is one I use to help spark ideas and make sure all the bases are covered for each and every event.

Employee Recognition

This is always my number one marketing event. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, your employees are your first customers/clients. How you treat them is how you treat your external clients. Will you recognize their value formally on a monthly or quarterly basis? How will you keep them motivated and proud to be your employee on a daily/weekly basis?

Now’s the time to determine the types of rewards and incentives you’ll bestow on your best performers and those you’ll give to keep motivation high among those that are not yet at the top.

Trade Shows

Next come trade shows. The importance of trade shows must not be underestimated. This is the perfect time to review all industry and non-industry related shows and determine which ones are important. Is there a non-industry related trade show that would potentially reap relevant customers? Are your trade show materials up to date? Do you need a new, updated booth? Do you need new trade show attire for the team? What type of giveaways will you have? Will you need different giveaways for different shows? Will you send out pre- and post-show mailers?

Community Events

Having a positive visible presence in your community is a great promotional strategy. Will you host a fun run or golf tournament to raise awareness and funds for a local or national charity? Whatever charitable organizations you support, you’ll need branded items and sponsorship elements. Banners are a must. Depending on the season you could need fans, sunscreen, branded water bottles. Hand sanitizer is a popular item as are tote bags, among others. The list is lengthy. Let us help you review what items will be relevant to your business.

Business Development

On a day-to-day basis every business needs to think about business development. Your team members may participate in networking events, schedule business luncheons and other types of meetings among others. You need to consider what types of leave behinds or door openers are needed this year. Once again, Gossett Marketing can help you hone in on the most appropriate business development campaigns and leave behinds.

Client Loyalty

Like your loyal employees, your loyal clients deserve your recognition more than once a year during the traditional holiday season. What kind of thank you gifts will you have on hand to thank your clients for referrals? How will you display your appreciation for and recognition of long-term clients? We have a long, successful history of meeting these needs for our clients. Let us help.

Overall Marketing Campaign Tie-in’s

Your advertising and marketing campaigns often call for promotional tie-ins. Schedule a strategy session with us and let us help you determine the tie-ins that will make those marketing efforts even more effective. We can help you fill in all the blanks and make sure you have everything that is needed.

We would love to sit down and review your 2017 marketing plan. Give us a call today to schedule a review.

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