Here Comes The Sun! Bring On The Fun!

sand-84589_640Summer is here. The official beginning of the hazy, lazy days of summer is upon us. Visions of time spent bonding with associates at golf tournaments, fishing tournaments, boating events, and company picnics among other typical warm weather promotional activities spring to mind.  If you are in charge of planning and promoting these activities you may have in mind a variety of items you’re going to need. And the word ‘lazy’ does not apply to your workload, so we’re here to help!

Posters and Banners, Coolers and Caps

2 oz. Sunscreen SPF 30 Lotion

2 oz. Sunscreen SPF 30 Lotion

You see the exciting posters promoting your event in break rooms, on desks and bulletin boards around your company. You envision the creative banners billowing with a soft breeze on the day of the event. You see the colorful coolers, the cool t-shirts, the water bottles and caps that keep your team protected from the sun. You see tubes of sunscreen and tubs of water on ice. All of the items clearly imprinted with your company logo or event theme for the world to see.

You have the vision and can see all the pieces and parts necessary to promote the event and pull people together to make it successful. Whether you’ve done this many times before or this is your first event, you know how to get it done.

You know turning to the right promotional marketing company can turn you into a corporate super hero, while turning to the wrong one can turn the tides against you very quickly. You also know that magic can happen when you work with an experienced promotional marketing company whether you’ve had months to plan or mere weeks.

The Heat is On!

Mesh Beach Chair

Mesh Beach Chair

Knowing that some events get planned spontaneously, while others have had all the time in the world, you may often find yourself up against deadlines that seem to have arrived at warp speed. When the heat is on give us a call. Gossett Marketing is noted for making magic happen spontaneously, in the heat of the moment and when there seems to be an infinite amount of time.

Whether the CEO decides at the last minute to have a 4th of July celebration or a sought-after sponsor agrees to co-host an event only if it can be pulled off quickly, we will work with you to bring your event to life on time and with the promotional items that will make it and you shine.

Don’t Sweat It!

We’ve got everything you need. We can provide lip balm and visors, Polo Shirts and duffel bags, sports bottles and bags, lunch totes and coolers, flip flops and beach chairs. Whatever you or your company leaders envision, give us a call. We are a source of endless ideas for themes and unique items that may not have even occurred to you. Let us sweat the big stuff, the small stuff and the details! We’re used to it!


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