Gone Are The Dog Days of Summer

Summer is sweltering in South Florida. And, as anyone who’s ever been here in July and August knows, the expression Dog Days of Summer is bandied about quite a bit. That got me to wondering what the expression means. So, out came the computer and I learned something new which I’m now sharing with you. 

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, “The phrase “Dog Days of Summer” is a reference to Sirius, the Dog Star. During the “Dog Days” period, the Sun occupies the same region of the sky as Sirius, the brightest star visible from any part of Earth. Sirius is a part of the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog. In the summer, Sirius rises and sets with the Sun. On July 23rd, specifically, it is in conjunction with the Sun, and because the star is so bright, the ancient Romans believed it actually gave off heat and added to the Sun’s warmth, accounting for the long stretch of sultry weather. They referred to this time as “diēs caniculārēs,”, or “dog days.” https://www.farmersalmanac.com/why-are-they-called-dog-days-of-summer-21705

Thus, the term Dog Days of Summer came to mean the 20 days before and 20 days after this alignment of Sirius with the Sun—July 3 to August 11 each year.

What Lies Ahead

So, with that little lesson complete, the thing we know is that the dog days of summer are behind us. Which means every day moving forward will be just a bit cooler (for those of us in Florida that difference is not felt!) But it also means that the cooler, shorter days of Fall and Winter are approaching. For those of us in Florida, we can hardly wait!

Looking forward, it means the air will be alive with preparations for holidays and marketing events and trade shows and gatherings of all kinds. And the question is will you be ready?

An Abundance Of Marketing Opportunities

What events do you have scheduled? Is your holiday employee, client, and prospect gift list complete? Have you placed your orders for these important colleagues? If not, it’s time to turn your attention fully to this task before it gets away from you and you’ll be regretting it in hindsight. 

I’ve shared in a recent blog some fun holidays happening in the month of October that you might still be able to plan some promotional marketing efforts around. (I’ve included the link to that piece below.) The good news is there’s still time for less personalized but no less impressive traditional holiday orders. (You’ve missed the cut-off for most custom orders.) However, if you want to make a different statement than most, you might decide to go for a New Year promotion and impress your clients and prospects with customized gifts to kick the year off in style.

The main holiday of note in January is Martin Luther King Day on January 16th. But how about taking advantage of the fun marketing that National Bubble Bath Day presents on January 8th, or National Pie Day on January 23rd?

We Can Help

Whatever direction you decide to pursue, traditional or unconventional, we can help with your marketing materials and gifts. Let’s get started soon before we get wrapped up in the business of the upcoming season. Give me a call and let me and my team help you impress your employees, especially those who work remotely, as well as your clients new and long-term, in exciting and unexpected ways. 

Read my recent blog by clicking here: A Bit Of Serious Fun As Well As Sheer Frivolity: October Awareness And Holidays

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