Fun and Games for Business Networking Marketing Events

networkingWhy do you go to business networking events? Everyone has different reasons for attending these types of casual proceedings. Entrepreneurs are looking for prospective new clients, as are lawyers, chiropractors, sales representatives, ad infinitum. Some people like to attend a local Chamber of Commerce networking event when they want to grow their prospect field and when they are new to the area and are looking to find out “who’s who.”

Whatever your reasons, the business networking event often evokes fear and loathing in many. If networking is not one of your natural talents, take heart. When you turn these events into your own personal game with goals that once you’ve achieved them gives you permission to leave, you can at least learn to enjoy them and may even get good at developing your game. Who knows, you could land a great big client and develop some very useful, and interesting relationships.

Game On!

All games have goals. Kids turn everything into a game. For instance, racing to the house screaming, “The last one in is a rotten egg!”

Make up your own networking game and set specific goals. For instance, decide to approach a specific number of people at the event you are attending. Establish rules, such as I’ll only speak to women who are wearing dangling silver earrings and a blue blazer and men wearing horn-rimmed glasses, and a brown tweed sport jacket with a handlebar mustache. You get the idea.

When you make networking a game, especially where you are not likely to know people or at very large events, you become interested in achieving your goal. You look interested. Perhaps people will approach you as you search out the specific traits you’ve established. Also, you give yourself an excuse to leave once you’ve met your goal. No one else needs to know your game or your rules for playing.

Necessity is the mother of invention. When you attend business networking marketing events, do so with enthusiasm. Challenge yourself to achieve a few goals that may seem silly at first. You never know where that attitude for fun and games may lead!

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