February is a Promotional Month to Love

Screenshot 2016-01-20 09.26.43As months go, February is, without question, the shortest one of the year. Most often, it is even the coldest month of the year. Even so, love is in the air during the entire month of February, which is long on promotional opportunities. In my recent blog, I highlighted some of the most popular marketing opportunities.

The promotional power February packs is due to the fact that it brings awareness to a number of causes that are dear to millions. There’s something for everyone in this mini-month.

Love and The Heart Take Center Stage

Awareness Bracelet w/ Customized Message

Awareness Bracelet w/ Customized Message

At the heart of February’s appeal is American Heart Month. The growing awareness about heart health presents huge promotional opportunities to sponsor walks and runs and sporting events, healthy dining events, corporate wellness events and more. With Valentine’s Day falling mid-month, the heart takes center stage.  National Wear Red Day in support of Women’s Heart Health falls on February 5th and February is National Weddings Month. That doesn’t mean it’s the most popular month to get married, though couples do choose to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day. February was chosen as National Weddings Month because it’s the busiest month for planning a spring or summer wedding and it is a popular time for marriage proposals.

Promote Love of Cultural Diversity, Tolerance and Acceptance

Black History Month affords rich promotional opportunities both internally and externally. Promoting a corporate culture of diversity, tolerance and acceptance can bring your company positive and priceless recognition. Recognizing the contributions made by the powerful and brilliant African American leaders throughout our history can be turned into internal promotional activities and events.

February is for Library Lovers too!

Freestyle Book Light

Freestyle Book Light

Show your support and love of learning. Create promotional events around Library Lovers Month. According to the Library Support website, “Libraries are private, non-profit organizations that depend on the support of individuals, corporations, and foundations to help ensure that libraries remain free to the millions of people who visit in person or via the web each year. While government funding supports the basic operations of many of our nation’s libraries, there are still many more libraries that depend on contributions from private sources.” 

Also, while we may believe that everything is available on the Internet, apparently that isn’t so yet. According to DaysOftheYear.com, “libraries can have vast digital stores of qualitative and quantitative information escaping from opinion led snippets and snapshots from online.” They add, “There may be some crossover of information but in most cases libraries are a much more economically viable solution when looking for information than the Internet.” 

Everyone Loves Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday

Twist Bead Necklaces

Twist Bead Necklaces


February also brings the Mardi Gras celebration to a close with the debaucherous Fat Tuesday calling for feasting and celebrating before the Lenten fast. This year, Fat Tuesday falls on February 9th.  You still have ample time to jump on that exciting promotional bandwagon whether you’re in New Orleans or not.

A Promotional Partner To Love

Put on your promotional thinking cap and make February your month to stand out from the me-too crowd of promotions. Gossett Marketing can help if you’re short on creative ideas and we can make sure your promotional materials get produced on time and within budget.  We love making our clients look exceptional and they love us for that! Get in on the love of February!

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