Do More By Doing Less And Make Yourself Immune To The “Busy Virus”

Have we heard enough about viruses yet? I think so, but I am still going to talk about one that most of us have been infected with long before we ever heard about CORONA VIRUS. It’s a virus that distracts our minds from important things that we know we need to do. Yet, once infected, we can’t seem to resist the pull of things that make us look busy but that don’t accomplish anything.

Yes, I’m talking about social media and the wonderful Internet. According to an old article I read recently, it seems that if scientists were going to trace this virus back to its origins, it would likely name Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg as “Patient Zero.” According to the article, “The iPhone, iPad and Facebook were like Sirens calling us all to shore.  Most of us heeded the call and set sail for the enchanting music coming from just beyond the rocky coastline.”

I know I have the virus and just about everyone I know and do business with has it to greater or lesser degrees. I talked about another “variant” of the “busy virus” in this month’s article. (You can read it here: Let’s Bring More Purposefulness To Our Business To Increase Growth This Year)
The fact of the matter is that sometimes we really have to do less of the busy-looking things in order to accomplish more of the things we really would like to get done.

This paragraph sums it up beautifully. “When the Busy Virus strikes, it goes to your core and identifies what it is that you really want out of life.  Then it hopelessly dilutes those dreams with a deluge of trivial and unnecessary tasks.  It forces you to become efficient at doing the unimportant, and ultimately prevents you from becoming effective at the things that really matter to you.”

May the remainder of your year be filled with greater purpose as we negotiate the disruptive nature of the ongoing COVID-19 virus. And, may you become more and more immune to the “busy virus.”


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