Creativity In Uniformity Is The New Black

We’ve all heard the latest trends expressed in a variety of ways such as, “Brooklyn is the new Manhattan,” “Gray is the new black,” “Orange is the new black,” etc, etc… Whatever is the newest, latest and greatest is the new black.

In the world of business where a uniform way of dressing is required, let me be the first to say that, “Creativity in uniformity is the new black!”

Maybe it’s time for a fresh new look in your company uniform.

A wardrobe change may be just the thing that could help your business boost not only your cool factor, but also your promotional power.

You may not realize it, but in a customer-facing business, your uniform is part of making a first and lasting impression. Just think about it, your uniform is one of the most visible embodiments of your brand.

We live in a world where people want to look good. When they look good they feel good and that makes them happy. When employees are forced to wear unflattering, unimaginative uniforms, they simply don’t feel good about themselves. On the other hand, when employees feel good in their company’s “uniform” that can be very good for business.

This is no longer the day of drab, unflattering and boring uniforms.

Uniforms have come a long way baby! So has the business dress code. In some industries dressing for business is becoming increasingly more casual. Even in the most highly professional businesses companies are adopting casual Friday attire. During the summer months many companies have an even more relaxed daily dress code.

If you see a wardrobe change in your future, we can dress you in style. We can provide a wide range of stylish, fun and fashionable logoed apparel available today. I’m not talking the boxy polo shirt. There are a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors and fabrics for both men and women. You have so many choices of lightweight materials in the great dri-fits and Sport-Tek®. And you have brand names to choose from such as Nike®, Hanes®, Gildan®, Cutter & Buck®, Port Authority® and many more.

Creative attire is the new uniform. Let us help you get your company dressed in style.

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