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Photo Credit:Flickr/Matt Janicki

Photo Credit:Flickr/Matt Janicki

Every year is a big year for someone. A special anniversary or product launch, a merger, whatever it is, you definitely want to create something that will commemorate the occasion meaningfully. If 2015 is one of those years for your business, be sure to build in the lead-time your project deserves.

Is it just my perception, or is time speeding up? It sure appears to be going faster than ever. That means, you cannot start planning your special promotion or event too soon. It will be here before you know it.

We love helping our clients create unique items to kick off new programs and products, celebrate milestone anniversaries and rock star sales. We thrive on thrilling our clients by keeping their projects on track and designing and implementing campaigns and specialty items that make them stand out.

From Elegant to Zany

Does your special event call for something elegant or zany? Is it an internal, company wide event or trade show extravaganza? Perhaps you’ve done this before and have a specific date to get the project started. If not, you may need some handholding and experienced guidance to get you where you need to be when you need to be there, with all the appropriate pieces in place.

Selecting the right promotional marketing firm becomes all-important. You’ll want to determine whether the company you select can take you all the way from idea generation to handling delivery logistics. Can they guarantee and deliver truly custom products? Not too long ago a client went with someone that promised to deliver by a specific date. We knew it was impossible. Sure enough their event came and went without their custom product. They called us afterwards to let us know they should have listened to us and will never stray from us again. Because of our 20+ years of designing and manufacturing custom designed items we know how long it takes.

These are the kinds of questions you need to ask if you are interviewing promotional product companies. Or you could save a lot of time and just call us!

Tight Deadlines

Even when time is not on your side, when something pops up unexpectedly and you need to deliver, we can make you shine the same way we did for a client who said, after their project was completed, “I was in a panic when I was faced with a project with an incredibly short deadline. That panic ended shortly after getting in contact with Gossett Marketing, their friendly staff put me at ease along with their immediate return on communication regarding my order. Unlike many other vendors I was always able to get in contact with their team. Additionally, my items had to be delivered to our trade show location on a certain day before a certain time. Everything arrived perfectly! We received tremendously positive feedback throughout the entire event. I would recommend Gossett Marketing to everyone and will never use anyone else for my company’s marketing needs!”

Big Deal

We consider every project for each of our clients to be a big deal, whether or not it is a milestone celebration, whether it is our first time working with a client or our hundredth time. From replenishing a supply of engraved notebooks and pens for a sales team, to creating an exquisite engraved and laser-cut crystal custom piece, each project is equal in importance. Each is a really big deal to us.

So, if you can give yourself a real big lead-time for the big events you know about, that’s wonderful. Just know the time will go by more quickly than you can imagine. And we’re here to help either way!

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