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Even though I feel like the summer just started, as of yesterday Miami-Dade County Public Schools are back in session. This time of year is ideal for promotional marketing products – there are so many opportunities to give away logoed items that kids and parents can use, which will showcase your brand.

For instance, the elementary school that I attended now mandates that all students must wear hats during PE and recess, so a local dermatologist gave away caps with her logo embroidered on the front. It’s a great way to teach children about sun protection, plus their parents and teachers will see the doctor’s name regularly – and really, they’re her target audience. She spent a few hundred dollars and the kids are marketing for her all year long!

Another great idea is to give branded items to teachers. A great idea would be to give them school year lesson planners. These books are invaluable to educators, so chances are they will carry it all year long. And if your logo is on the cover, then they and will see it from August until June: that’s great exposure.

Don’t worry, Gossett Marketing practices what we preach. We donate hundreds of pens to schools each year. They are all imprinted with our company name, website, and phone number. Kids don’t necessarily need our services, but they take those pens with them, lose them, and they end up in potential customers’ hands. True story: we got a phone call from a total stranger in New Jersey who wound up with one of our giveaway pens – he placed an order for promotional products.

Children complain about going back to school, but companies should be thrilled! It’s a great time of year to get out there and promote your brand while doing something useful for local schools.

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