While Everyone Else Thinks Red, White and Blue, You Think Pink

pink-lemonade-795029_960_720It’s not that you are unpatriotic. It’s just that as the person who manages your companies’ marketing events you have to think out ahead of everyone else. You were thinking Red, White and Blue months ago. Now it’s time to turn your attention to the next big marketing opportunity that spans the entire month of October. Breast Cancer Awareness month will be here before you know it.

If you’ve had the experience of waiting a little too long to start your October Breast Cancer Awareness promotions, like many companies tend to do, you’ve probably found yourself left out in the cold or left with the least meaningful promotional items to select from. You want to make sure the items you want are in stock and will be available to make the most of your fundraising event. Now is the best time to get out ahead of the crowds and get geared up for October so you’ll be “in the Pink.”

Breast Cancer Awareness

National Breast Cancer Knee High Tube Socks

When you show your support by sponsoring a walk or other fund raising event, Gossett Marketing can help you can kick everything off by helping to raise awareness with a supply of branded breast self-exam cards. Hand out popular pink shoelaces at your walk/run or golf event, and make sure you have plenty of pink silicone awareness bracelets and backpacks imprinted with ribbon art. To encourage awareness and support among team members throughout the month, we can supply your company with a host of hot pink items, from pens with pink ribbon clips, notebooks, tote bags and more.  

Don’t be blue when October arrives and embarrassed by missing out on the most popular Breast Cancer Awareness items. Think pink now.

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