When Brand Consistency is King Your Marketing and Promotions Sing

BrandingBranding is one of the most important aspects of establishing a business. Once a company has created a brand personality, staying consistent and true to that personality is integral. Many first-time business owners learn the importance of this the hard way.

Far too often a new business is under the misconception that simply running an ad, a promotional campaign or engaging in any other marketing endeavor is considered “branding.” What they don’t yet understand is that brand goes deeper than marketing and advertising.  These efforts, at best, communicate your brand personality and message. Even established businesses can lose sight of the importance of brand. Often that is when businesses change things up and wonder what went wrong.

Personality, Attitude, Message

Your brand is comprised of your personality, voice, tone or attitude and your message. In essence branding is the process of establishing these specific traits.

When you have established these traits, consistency and repetition is what eventually sears these traits into the minds of your customers. They come to know and trust your brand. This is why, when working with a promotional marketing company, you want to select one that worships your brand as king.

16 oz Double wall PP Mug

16 oz Double wall PP Mug

No matter what you produce from banners to brochures or business cards, T-shirts to teacups or coffee mugs, everything that communicates your brand must be consistent. That includes the perfect matching of colors, to the size and density of shadows and highlights, everything must be identical in every application. The ratio of logo size to tagline must always be the same. You must never change the typeface of a tagline and logos must be placed in a similar location, for instance in the upper right hand corner of business cards, letterhead and mailing labels instead of placing them in different locations on all three pieces.

Exceptional Brands Easily Recognized

Love the Earth Tote Bag

Love the Earth Tote Bag

It’s easy to recognize great branding. Many examples come to mind. For instance, the New York Yankees whose brand was established in 1912 when they adopted their pinstripe uniforms and later added the “NY” monogram on the front. Target is another brand that is instantly identifiable and consistent in its look, tone and messaging.

A brand is developed on a business’s core values. Then you place these core values at the heart of what you do, in everything that you do, no matter what. Your customers and prospects will identify with your core values and grow to appreciate consistency in the services that you provide, the products that you make, or simply the unique experiences that you offer to them. For example, if being green or eco-friendly is a big part of your brand, make sure recycling receptacles are readily available when you are present at a trade show or any marketing event. Make sure your promotional items are made from recycled materials and be certain not to use any Styrofoam products.

Branded Promotional Programs, Products, Apparel and More

At Gossett Marketing we worship brand. Our team of marketing consultants stays on top of trends and is always looking for ways to help your branded message stand out with your clients, prospects and employees. Whether you are looking for something simple or a comprehensive sales promotion program, we have the experience you need to deliver the results you want on time and on budget. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can make your branded promotions sing.

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