What’s In A Name? A Brand New Tradition and Promotional Opportunity

Name-DayOur clients are always looking for unusual ways and times of the year to send a standout promotional message and custom promotional item. Here’s an exciting suggestion for the New Year.  Be among the first to make the most of a relatively unknown tradition. Celebrate Name day, an age-old European custom where those with the same first name have a day assigned as their name day.  According to the American Name Day website, in Europe, this day is observed and celebrated like a birthday. In some countries, name days are considered even more important than birthdays.

For instance, if you were Charles Schwab, or the owner of Charles Chips you could send your clients and prospects a gift on November 4 and invite them to celebrate your name day with you, while introducing a new service or benefit at the same time.

Even if your company does not bear your first name, those you do business with know your name. You could still use the date as an annual opportunity to celebrate and promote.

George was the first male name given a designated name day date in America, in honor of the first President of the U.S. George day is February 22. The first woman is Isabella in honor of Isabella Beecher Hooker and her name day is also February 22. All you have to do is go to the website and find out your name day date, then give us a call to create something memorable to send to your clients and prospects.

The first name day calendar was created in 1982. You can print out the calendar from their website or let us do the legwork for you. We’ll find your name date and we’ll help you create the perfect item to celebrate the occasion.

Everyone Loves to Have a Good Reason to Celebrate.

There are currently 3000 names on the American Name Day Calendar. Though I am sad to report, my name is not on it! I’ll have to rectify that situation!  Once I do, you can expect to receive a gift from me to celebrate “Danette” day! If you do discover your name is not there, just let them know and they will add it with a date.

What an exciting way to tune people into your name day and to launch a new product or service. It sure will keep your name prominent. So celebrate your company and your name and invite your current and prospective clients to celebrate with you.  And for those very special clients, why not find out their name day and celebrate them too? It couldn’t hurt!


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