Throw Caution to The Wind! Spring is In The Air!

door-971664_640It’s not here yet, but it’s right around the corner. Springtime with its warmer temperatures and gentle breezes that cause a number of delicious maladies, namely spring fever! If you get a jump on springtime promotions you’ll be in an advantageous position when your customers, prospects and employees are ready to spring into action! Your brand can be prominently featured on useful items where your customers and prospects are.

So, throw caution to the wind! A change of seasons is always a good time to promote your business. Spring especially gives you an opportunity to increase your brand visibility with outdoor events and activities. Now’s the perfect time to add to your marketing mix with promotional opportunities inspired by the colorful spring season.

Spring into action.

Spring is synonymous with outdoor activities. The colors of the season lend themselves to water bottles, pedometers and sport packs, active lifestyle items that can be used at walks and runs, volleyball tournaments, bicycling and sailing races. Imagine your brand name and logo on koozies, folding chairs and coolers at the ball field, the beach, and the company picnic, putting your brand on display for others to see.

 Spring fling.

Golf Necessities Bag - Golf Kit

Golf Necessities Bag – Golf Kit

Celebrate the warm weather with outdoor themed promotions. Host a company picnic, golf tournament or trip to the baseball park with gifts to compliment the event theme. Branded items like caps, visors, sunglasses, sunscreen, t-shirts, tote bags, umbrellas and golf gear can be used again after the event is over, keeping your brand working throughout the season.


Out with the old, in with fresh, new ideas to promote your brand. Branded screen cleaners and desktop organizers encourage spring-cleaning and de-cluttering. Or focus on cleaning up the environment with eco-friendly organic cotton totes or solar-powered technology gifts. Clean up this spring by adding your company name, logo and website address to promotional cleaning materials, such as sponges, gloves or cleaning cloths, as part of a campaign and mail them to the appropriate clients and prospects.

Spring Holidays. 

Spring In Bloom Mothers Day Gardeners Gift Pot

Spring In Bloom Mothers Day Gardeners Gift Pot

Easter, Passover, May Day and Mother’s Day are just a few of the spring time holidays that give you more opportunities to get creative with your promotions. Know your target market so the holiday you choose to tie your message to strongly appeals to prospects and clients.

March Madness.

The NCAA College basketball finals, referred to as March Madness, make an ideal time to tie your marketing message to the event. Be an active participant in the March Madness excitement! Launch a promotion. Make some noise! Be seen and be heard! Stand up! Stand out! Get your big foam fingers and your bam-bams, your rally towels and cow bells. Pick team colors. Find out the color of the day for your college teams and get your shirts ready to wear to show your team spirit.  

You get the idea. Spring is a time for action, a time for creating new growth spurts in business. Whatever you decide to do, Gossett Marketing is ready to help you spring into action to get your brand out there for all the world to see.


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