The Power and Value of Showing Appreciation

thank-you-515514_640How often do you express appreciation to your clients, vendors and your employees? And, how do you show your appreciation?

Many companies make the traditional mistake of expressing appreciation once a year during the holiday season. However, if you were to consider your clients, vendors and employees as business partners instead, you may come to appreciate them more often, at different times of the year and perhaps in more special ways. Besides, that’s exactly what they are. They don’t necessarily share the burden of responsibility like a legal business partner, however you could not do business without any of them.  

No matter how you express the value you place on those relationships, most business owners know the importance and power of appreciation and expressing at least once in awhile. Suffice it to say though that there’s nothing that hits that point home harder than expressing appreciation in unique ways and at times when it is least expected.

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Let’s just say, for example that you decide to take your top clients and/or top employees to a great destination. In this case, it would be exciting to send each individual a save-the-date gift. It might even be a passport holder with the save the date information if you are taking them to an international location.  Whether international or domestic, if you have selected a sunny location you might also have turn down gifts placed in all the rooms each night of the event, for instance a beach towel, beach bag, sunscreen or other appropriate items.

This might also be a great time to check-in with clients to discuss upcoming programs for the year. It offers an opportunity to bring them a nice appreciation gift too. Something with either your logo or theirs imprinted on it and presented in a gift box. Tech items are really hot right now, so a power bank charger or blue tooth speaker could be a good choice.

How you express your appreciation is important, though not as important as expressing it frequently.  Those who serve you as well as those you serve will always appreciate the gesture. In return they will express their appreciation through their loyalty to you. And that’s the way appreciation works.


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