Show Off Your Trade Show Mojo

Trade Show Display 10 x 10 x 8

Trade Show Display 10 x 10 x 8

Hey, that’s what trade shows are all about! They are opportunities to show off the very best your company or business has to offer. And, when a trade show booth has mojo, everyone knows it! The buzz about exhibitors with mojo begins early. Their booths are busy and you see their logos on the bags that everybody seems to be carrying around.

If you sense that your company has lost its ability to show off its best qualities at trade shows, it’s time to get your mojo back!

The best way to start is to begin planning for the upcoming trade show season right now.

First things first:

Pull out your display materials. Do they look tired too? Maybe they simply need a sprucing up or perhaps your company will be served best by a complete upgrade. An attractive, up-to-date booth display gets people interested in who you are and what you do.

Pull the team together with a cool look:

Your most congenial and magnetic team members will look even smarter in color coordinated, branded uniforms. That could be a cool polo shirt embroidered with your logo or tagline.

Create convincing collateral pre- and post show:

Strategic collateral with a compelling offer before and after the show works well to draw prospects to your booth. Once there, you can have drawings for special prizes when attendees bring their mailings with them. Be prepared with post-show correspondence too. Maybe you can highlight an after show special. Of course, these more traditional methods can be enhanced with social media too.

The gift is in the bag: 

Convention Air-Tote

Convention Air-Tote

Make sure your give-away shows your tradeshow savvy. Nice tote bags are always popular. Other items that will be useful at the trade show are nice notebooks and pens, first-aid kits that include band-aids for the inevitable blister, aspirin for the tradeshow headache and sanitizer wipes. Yummy treats with your logo on them are great too. They can be taken away to be enjoyed in the hotel room or taken home for the kids to enjoy.

Some companies have mojo and some don’t. The ones that have it typically work with a promotional marketing company with major mojo. At Gossett Marketing we’ve been helping companies keep the mojo or regain it for years. Give us a call.


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