Set Up for Success with Written Goals for the New Year

settng goals

This year I’m promoting the idea of setting sales, promotional and business growth goals instead of making resolutions.

The same approach can be taken for your personal life too.

When I think about the word “resolution” and the word “goal” it seems to me that “goal” has an end result in mind while “resolution” seems to be more about beginnings. I suppose that’s why it’s so easy to forget about resolutions about 3 weeks into a New Year!

Hey, that’s just the way I see it. But that’s reason enough to move away from the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions and adopting a new tradition of setting specific goals at the beginning of the year.

It has been documented that writing down goals helps keep your focus on that goal. So, that’s how I’m rolling in 2017. I’ve already written my business growth goals out and shared them with my team. I’ve also asked each of them to set one career/professional goal to share with the team. We are going to hold each other accountable and work together to achieve our business goals.

Multiple Goals are Like Multi-tasking – Something Always Suffers

You know what that old list of resolutions looks like. In the past I’ve been known to fill a full page of a legal pad with “resolutions.” I also used to be a big fan of multi-tasking. No more long lists of resolutions and no more multi-tasking for me. I have discovered that focusing on one task at a time ensures that task will get completed well. If I spend a few moments on multiple tasks they either don’t get completed or they are not done well.

Set Sales, Promotional and Business Growth Goals

I now pick no more than three goals, one for each area: sales, promotional and overall business growth. I select the one that is most important to me to focus on first and to establish tangible action steps. For instance, my primary business goal this year is to achieve 25% growth among my existing clients. One of my action steps is to be more proactive by providing a new idea to each of my clients on a quarterly basis.

Another way to look at your goals that you set at the beginning of the year is that it doesn’t have to take a whole year to achieve them. Once you are successful with one goal, you can set another without waiting until the next New Year.

So, what do your sales, promotional and business growth goals look like? Are your goals simple to imagine and can you set tangible action steps? How can you improve your promotional efforts?

We’re happy to help you develop your promotional campaigns and show you how to make each promotion more efficient and effective. If you are already one of our clients you’ll be the recipient of our proactive thinking in this area. If you’re not one of our clients, give us a call. We’ve been behind some of the most successful promotions for a long client list for decades. We’d love to add you to our list!

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