Promotional Marketing Expert, Danette Gossett, Takes A Quick Look Back at 2021, Turns To Experts For What May Be In Store For 2022 And Gives Thanks For Right Now.

Owner and President of Gossett Marketing, a leading promotional marketing firm, Danette Gossett, offers expert opinions on the future of the workplace, the importance of promotional marketing efforts in these uncertain times and how much there is to be grateful for in the present moment.

MIAMI, FL– January 11, 2022 – Danette Gossett, Founder of Gossett Marketing Communications, Inc., Co-Founder of Promotions Resource, LLC, and co-author of the best-selling book, Transform, recently posted a new article on her website entitled, “Looking Back, Looking Forward, Grateful For Right Now.” Ms. Gossett shares her anticipation and optimism for the New Year.

“Ah, 2021!” Gossett exclaims, adding, “The year we thought was going to usher in a full recovery from COVID-19. But as we all know, those thoughts were premature.” She continues, “Yet somehow we have managed to adapt to ways of living and doing business none of us could have even imagined just 3 short years ago!”

Gossett writes, “As I attempt to make sense of it all, I’ve been scouring every resource for clues that may help as we continue to evolve and emerge into a world we still don’t have a clear image of. Some of the experts in various fields have opinions that I share,” she says, adding, “and those are the ones I share with you as we forge into the New Year filled with anticipation for better times to come.”

Gossett tackles the “great resignation”, saying, “It’s quite a term this “great resignation.” It certainly came as a huge surprise to many industries as employees started giving notice that they would not be returning to work after the pandemic caused a global shutdown and millions of layoffs. Gossett elaborates, “Hardest hit are the health field, hospitality, cruise lines and high-tech.”

“From my perspective,” writes Gossett, “this puts investment in employee retention at the very top of the list of importance for businesses to focus on, as well as a focus on attracting new employees.” She asks, “How will you make your employees who have stayed with you feel more valued? How will you attract talent that will help your business stabilize and grow into the future during these uncertain times?”

Gossett steps into the world of remote work locations that is taking shape and redefining the work experience every day. She writes, “With remote work taking root throughout many businesses, employees will be looking for different things when they look for employment.” As Gossett points out, “Our corporations are going to experience a new kind of “leadership.” One article I read said it well: “Self-leadership will gradually replace leadership through leaders and control. Workers who are able, willing, and motivated to take on responsibility will thrive and enable greater agility in their organizations. Managing the transition to this new way of functioning organizations requires two measures: Selecting the right talents and socializing them in the right way.”

Gossett turns her attention to the return of in-person events writing, “Even though mid-year 2021 looked promising, in-person events were still spotty until the end of the year. So far, this year,” she says, “it looks like there will be a more robust return to in-person events despite the concerns of new COVID variants. I am happy to report that a majority of our clients already have plans to exhibit at trade shows, hold sales meetings, and conduct in-person employee events.”

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