Promotional Marketing Expert, Danette Gossett, Offers Ideas For Tweaking Employee Rewards And Recognition Programs To Make Them Pandemic Ready.

Owner and President of Gossett Marketing, a leading promotional marketing firm, Danette Gossett, shares tidbits of information that can help motivate employees who are now and may be permanently working from home.

MIAMI, FL– June 30 2020 – Danette Gossett, Founder of Gossett Marketing Communications, Inc., Co-Founder of Promotions Resource, LLC, and co-author of the best-selling book, Transform,recently posted a new article on her website entitled, “Welcome To A World Without In-Person Collaboration And Impromptu Meetings.” Ms. Gossett encourages more frequent recognition and rewards for work-from-home employees.

As Gossett acknowledges, “Adapting to the new normal of work-at-home is going to be quite challenging for some of us. (Read ME” She goes on to say, “If you’re like me, you enjoy having people around to bounce ideas off of and to feel like you’re a part of something bigger. I have always loved collaboration and am especially excited by the ideas that so often emerge out of impromptu meetings.”

According to Gossett, “Office comradery and spontaneity are both things that will no longer be possible in the new world of work-from-home that many companies are adopting due to COVID-19.” She adds, “We’re going to have to learn how to be spontaneous in new ways.”

“I’ve been trolling the Internet for some useful information and tips to share with my clients and those of you who read my monthly articles,” Gossett writes. She adds, “I’ve found bits and pieces that I find relevant for my team and that will likely work for you too.”

Reiterating that “the value of human connection cannot be underestimated,” Gossett says, “Just because everyone can’t be in the office together doesn’t mean that you can’t have face-to-face connection. But, before that can happen, you must make sure you have the basics right.” After laying out the basics according to a talent management and human resources firm, Gossett moves on to the new requirements for rewards and recognition programs.

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