Out Of Sight And Out Of Mind Doesn’t Cut It In The Business World

What could be worse than working to establish a relationship with someone, then simply falling off the radar?

Relationships must be nurtured and cultivated. That’s right: Out of sight and out of mind doesn’t cut it in the business world. You must make your presence known and continue developing relationships.

So, exactly how do you do that?

How do you develop and maintain an ongoing business relationship? The best way I know how to accomplish this is through meaningful, thoughtful appropriately delivered promotional marketing communications. In other words, developing creative ways of staying in touch with your customers and prospects.

You don’t, however, want to overwhelm with too many contacts. Some of the most effective methods of staying in touch include email marketing. Some businesses overdo their email communications. I have found that one monthly newsletter is welcome, particularly if you are delivering useful and/or interesting information.

Another important part of your business’s ongoing communication arsenal must include direct mail promotions.

These provide a regular reason to remind your clients why they do business with you, and reasons why your prospects will eventually want to do business with you. Typical direct mail promotions include those wishing them a happy anniversary and holiday greetings. You’ll also want to let them know when you introduce new products and benefits.

I also find that an occasional check-in phone call adds a personal touch that many clients and prospects find refreshing in this digital age.

And an invitation to lunch, breakfast or a friendly cocktail hour from time to time can really make you stay top-of-mind. These types of meetings could be planned on a regular schedule, either annually, semi-annual or quarterly, as a visit to make sure all is going well.

If you would like help creating promotional campaigns that will keep you top-of-mind with your clients and prospects, give me a call. Developing and cultivating business relationships through marketing is our specialty.

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