Looking to Really Grab Your Client’s Attention? Say Happy New Year Again!

chinese-new-yearYou’ll be right in time for the Chinese New Year that falls on February 19th, this year. So you can say it with a cheeky smile, some confetti, maybe some well-timed fortune cookies filled proverbs and prophecies of successful business ventures and partnerships for the coming year. 2015 is the year of the Goat. That in itself may inspire ideas!

Clients always appreciate out-of-the-box thinking. Sending promotional or sales messages with a promotional item during lesser-known times shows special initiative, culture and independent thinking. Anyone can jump on the bandwagon and send the expected items during the traditional American holidays. And you certainly always want to be on time during those holidays when everyone is pouring out the best promotional gifts.

It’s much more noticeable to be more forward thinking. Maybe you Chinese-Fanand a current client agreed to do business together on Chinese New Year of a previous year. Maybe one of your clients got a promotion during the month of February or landed a big deal. Maybe it’s the birthday of a long-term or prospective client. You get the picture.

We can help you create the perfect Chinese New Year item for your special needs. We just have to get it in the works soon, since the Chinese New Year falls on February 19. Show your creativity and initiative.

Make your customers realize how imaginative and resourceful you are. And, in this year of the goat, may you revel in your business success!

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