Let’s Be Thankful That It’s Almost Over

Remember back in 1999 how everyone thought the year 2000 was going to be full of unpleasant and devastating surprises? Everyone was fearful as they talked about Y2K and all the issues that were supposedly going to make our lives miserable. Little did we know we just had to wait 20 years for the craziness of the new millennium to kick in!

2020 is nothing short of a doozy of a year, and it isn’t over yet! We kicked the year off with the announcement of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Since then we’ve been dealing with a climbing death toll, economic devastation, massive unemployment, isolation from loved ones, social distancing, social unrest, racial strife, all in the midst of a wildly polarized election year.

While we don’t know what lies ahead, we can be thankful that the bulk of the year is behind us now. And those of us with our noses still above water have more to be thankful for than ever before.

I’m so thankful that, if I could, I would stand on the tallest rooftop and shout my thanks for all the world to hear! Instead of that rather overly dramatic gesture, I’ll do what I do best and send small tokens of thanks to absolutely everyone! This year everyone can use a heartfelt “thank-you.”  Thank you for staying the course. Thank you for keeping your sense of humor. Thank you for being an inspiration for others.

I am beyond thankful that I have been able to keep my team employed even though we are all working remotely. I am exquisitely grateful for my clients who continue to use my services. I deeply appreciate my vendors who come through for me so I can come through for my clients. Everyone I know is facing challenges whether it’s production challenges, shipping challenges, staffing challenges, health challenges and more.

If you would like to send a small token of thanks to anyone, there is still time to order for the season. Gifts can be branded or not, they can be unisex in nature, and are available in a wide range of price points to fit most any budget. If you would like to discuss options, please give me a call. And let’s all be thankful that this year is almost over!

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