Laughter is Great Promotional Marketing Medicine


We’re getting ready to launch into a brand new year with brand new opportunities to capture the attention of clients and prospects.

A good belly laugh is a great way to ease tension and create memorable experiences. So, I propose an out-of-the-ordinary promotion to help you stay top-of-mind with your clients while showing your creativity.

Get the year off to a memorable start with a Global Belly Laugh Day Promotion.

Global Belly Laugh Day is January 24th and it couldn’t come at a more perfect time right after the Presidential Inauguration. The first Belly Laugh Day was celebrated in 2006 and was inspired by the founder of laughter yoga.

According to the article I read, “This day has three intentions. First is to celebrate and remember past laughter. Next is to connect with positive laughter. And thirdly is to learn the health, high achievement and happiness benefits of laughing out loud.”

You could send out direct mail promotions elaborating on the many benefits of laughter. You could make it a special event by sending a direct mail promotion inviting the entire company to participate in a Laughter Yoga class on a specific day and time. Then send a laughter yoga teacher to your clients and prospects for a 15 – 30-minute laughter yoga session. You could also send a fun stress reliever such as a customized stress ball in the shape of a pig, bull, troll, smiley face or troll with a silly joke attached.

In case you’re wondering about the benefits of laughter, here are just a few:

A good hearty laugh can boost the immune system and lessen stress. Laughter exercises the facial, chest and abdominal muscles. (So much more fun than sit-ups!) And, laughter has been known to keep marriages and families happy and work associates on good terms.

Laughter truly is the best medicine and works wonders in promotional marketing. If you’re ready to kick the year off with a great promotion and some good laughs, give us a call. We’ve got plenty of ideas to tickle your fancy.

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