I’m No Fortune Teller, But This Is What I See For Businesses In The Near Future

It’s true, I’m not psychic. But you don’t have to be to know that there will continue to be reduced business travel at least through the early part of 2021. Maybe longer. Also, for those businesses that still have a brick and mortar address, workspaces will be reimagined to be safer for those workers who choose to return to an office. But, a large portion of our country’s work force will still be working remotely. And some businesses have learned that they actually no longer require a permanent office space.

The work-from-home reality is working well for many businesses. I imagine though that there will be a development of more hybrid work situations. What those will look like remains to be seen. However, keeping your teams engaged, motivated and giving them a sense of belonging will be a top priority for all businesses.

Without a central, physical gathering place, creating team spirit, cohesiveness and momentum can be challenging. And without the ability to wine, dine and entertain clients and prospects pre-pandemic style calls for different ways of making them feel your love. This means that your promotional marketing efforts are going to take on even greater importance.

Well-timed, appropriate branded messages and boxed events will really need to delight and surprise. Building anticipation among your team, creating a sense of “what’s next?” through your marketing will be a way to create excitement, buzz, morale, and team spirit. We at Gossett Marketing have been helping clients meet these new demands throughout this year. We’ve been faced with the same challenges and we look forward to helping your business continue to stand up to the challenges and thrive with stand-out marketing your team, prospects, and clients look forward to receiving.

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