How To Memorably Stay In Touch With Clients

Are businesses missing out on opportunities to stay in touch with customers and clients in meaningful ways because of the pandemic? I fear we are. I think the real question is, “are we putting our thoughts into how we can use the pandemic to our advantage as well as to the advantage of our customers?”

I love the following example I came across in the Harvard Business Review. The author, writing about unexpected efficiencies that have come about from lockdowns and remote work, shared an experience during the height of the pandemic that came with his family’s take-out dinner at a local restaurant.  “Along with our dinner, we received a roll of toilet paper branded with the restaurant’s logo, which was an incredibly valuable and unexpected add-on at that time.”

Brilliant! The restaurant had an excess of toilet paper since no one could dine in. So they got creative and cultivated repeat business by giving take-out customers something hard to come by at the time. And it was branded with their logo!

Get Creative

Since COVID-19 put us into lockdown and social distancing, every business is saving money on travel expenses. So it’s high time to get super creative with staying in touch with your clients. Here are a few ideas.

Can’t meet for cocktails, but you have clients or prospects who love wine? Host a virtual wine tasting. Have the wine delivered a few days in advance and have the labels imprinted with your logo. Hire a sommelier to host a 30-minute virtual tasting via videoconference. (You could also send a couple of wine glasses embossed with your logo or theirs.)

You may not be able to meet for coffee with a prospect or a client. But you can send a bag of gourmet coffee and schedule a zoom meeting over a cup. And, yes, the gourmet coffee will be branded with your logo. Send a special cup too. They’ll remember you all week and beyond as they enjoy the rest of the coffee.

You could also schedule a lunch meeting and have lunch sent to all the attendee’s home, scheduled to arrive just as the meeting ends. Include a special sweet treat that can be branded with your logo.

Sometimes The Simplest Gestures Create The Biggest Buzz

Here’s a simple idea. Since everyone is working remotely you cannot assume that every home office has a printer. Even if they do, replacement cartridges are expensive. If you have documents that need to be printed, just send them the document and save them from having to use their home printer. It’s a simple gesture, but one that will keep you connected. You can then follow up with a phone call.

Of course if your business deals with tangible products, definitely ship samples, models or prototypes and follow up with a phone call.

Are there ways you can similarly impress your clients and prospects? If you’d like a little extra juice to help you find creative ways to get more attention during this ongoing challenge, give us a call.

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