Hot For The Holidays: Develop A Gift for Giving

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There’s no time like the present! Now’s the time for ordering your client and employee gifts. It’s time to thank everyone who has had a hand in your success this year, and maybe a nice gift to a prospect that may remind them of you and your services throughout the new year.

From the subtle to the overstated, whatever best reflects your brand personality –from the sophisticated to the simple – gift giving is truly an art. And the better your company is at it, the more likely your company will remain top-of-mind and well regarded among clients, prospective customers and employees.

Gifts at this time of the year do more to build goodwill that could literally last for years to come. It is the time of year you can shamelessly (almost) blaze your brand across everything you give.

power chargers This year, some items are hotter than hot, while others are always popular, tried and true. At the top of the sizzling list, according to USA Today online columnist Rhonda Abrams, are electronics, and at the top of that list is power-chargers for mobile devices.  Power chargers let you charge your mobile devices while on the go without having to plug into an outlet. You can put your logo or your client’s logo on them, and they will be the envy of all who see them, especially at the airport while others are running around looking for an available outlet! Don’t even think of putting this item in one of those wild office gift exchanges where someone can take the gift away! It will be the one give that will be fought for fiercely!

Other hot electronic gift items that can carry your company logo or brand identity include USB adapters that let users plug devices into a car’s power supply, and USB outlet chargers that provide an extra plug for a second device. In addition, Abrams mentions TSA-approved backpacks or sleeves that can “help clients swiftly carry their computers or tablets through airport security.”

Even though we have embraced our electronic devices, I am always still delighted when I enter a client’s office and see a calendar, an actual printed calendar on the wall. Calendars are always a good idea when you want to have handout gifts for large numbers of people during trade shows or conferences, or for a large number of employees.executive gifts

As always, food items are popular. Whether a large tin of popcorn, or a basket filled with a variety of specialty treats, these are great for giving to departments within companies. Everyone gets to share in the excitement.

Whether it’s the hottest item or not, a holiday gift should arrive in time to be recognized as such. Don’t get caught short of time to show off your gift-giving savvy. Take the time to let your clients and employees know how much you appreciate them. You just might start a tradition everyone looks forward to. Happy Holidays to all!

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