Employer’s Year End Employee Motivation Check-Up

As we approach the coming New Year, it’s a great time to take the pulse of employee motivation.

Do you take your employees for granted? Or do you do everything within your power to keep them motivated and happy? I hope it’s the latter.

Many employees tend to get restless with the New Year and set their sights on new goals for promotions and career opportunities.

This inevitably leads to some employees thinking that they might find greater happiness and opportunities elsewhere. Currently, unemployment is low so the pool of hungry employee candidates is low. This means that your valued employees might look very attractive to a competitor. The question is, how do you keep employees you love and turn all employees into those you love?

This is the time to step up your game and let your employees know how much you appreciate them.

After all, you wouldn’t be where you are without them. Letting them know that is a great first step. Even those employees who aren’t involved in outside sales deserve your attention and praise. Employee motivation is key for internal morale.

I’m going to offer just a couple of ideas as an outline for brainstorming. In this month’s article, I will share ideas, programs and incentives. If you don’t already have employee motivation as part of your marketing strategy, I hope the ideas I share will inspire you.

Three Steps To Keep Employees Inspired and In Love with Their Jobs

1. Check the work environment. Is it or could it be more inspiring? Are there a few creative ways you could enhance the environment that will inspire and motivate your employees? If so, take action and implement them immediately.

2. Bring in industry leaders to share ideas and best practices to keep employees growing, interested and on the cutting edge.

3. Most importantly communicate with your employees. If possible let them know you are always available to help. Giving employees access to the boss creates openness, which is an important aspect of a happy work environment.



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