Don’t Leave Your Employees Hungry For Recognition

We human beings are fascinating and funny creatures.

We thrive on being recognized. And, if you run a business or corporate team, you’ll be well served by initiating or reviewing and updating an employee recognition program.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to only recognize long-term employees who’ve been with you for decades.

Start recognizing loyalty early. One year of service is worthy of being appreciated and given recognition. Recognizing employees that are celebrating their one-year anniversary with a company can help build morale for the whole team.

On a daily basis a simple ‘thank you’ is always welcome for a job well done.

However, other more tangible forms of appreciation work wonders too. Maybe a certificate or small gift such as a personalized pen can be awarded to employees with 1 and then 3 years of service.

There’s a stack of statistics that shows how much any business large or small stands to gain from the smallest gestures of appreciation. I’m sharing just a couple I found at from 10 Employee Recognition Stats You Can’t Ignore.

1. “58 Percent of Employees Think Leaders Can Improve Engagement by Giving More Recognition”
2. “53 Percent of Employees Say Their Workplace Relationships Would Improve If They Were Strongly Recognized”
3. “69 Percent of Employees Say They Would Work Harder If They Were More Appreciated”
4. “Only 14 Percent of Organizations Give Managers the Tools They Need for Effective Employee Recognition.”

You can read the remaining 6 statistics by clicking on the link above, however suffice it to say that employees are hungry for recognition. Don’t starve your employees of the recognition they crave. If you need inspiration for tokens of appreciation large or small give us a call. We love helping our clients heap appreciation on their employees.



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