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Mobilizing Your Business To Thrive And Survive During The COVID Pandemic With Danette Gossett

Danette Gossett shares some tips on how businessmen can do their part in flattening the curve through creativity and resourcefulness.

Capitalizing On Your Contact List During The COVID-19 Pandemic With Danette Gossett

COVID 19 is a hot topic these days but you can’t let it steal your show and paralyze your business. Fighting the virus can also mean doing your part in making a productive difference businesswise. In this second episode with CEO of Gossett Marketing Danette Gossett, Bob Roark follows up their discussion about mobilizing your business during the pandemic. Danette showcases the importance of having a contact list and using it to remain pro-active in the eyes of your clients and employees. Driving traffic to your business is crucial these days and by simply reaching out to those who matter can help maintain and even improve your businesses’ reputation.

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