Build Your Brand on Power Banks

7772228We live in an ever more mobilized world. We are on the go, yet in touch and online 24/7 with our smart phones, pads and laptop computers. Our requirements for electric power outlets have catapulted from need to full-blown craving. Just visit any busy airport, conference center, hotel lobby or coffee shop to see what I’m talking about.

So let’s turn this craving for power into an opportunity to do some powerful promotional marketing for your business brand. I travel with my own personal source of power for my cell phone, pad and computer. It is called a power bank. I never have to go in search of an electric outlet and can communicate and work wherever I am, inside or outside.

Power banks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and capacity. The higher the capacity means the power bank will be able to charge your device faster and more times before the power bank needs to be recharged. Power banks are measured in milliamps per hour or mAh. A low capacity 2200 mAh power bank and a high capacity 10,000 mAh power bank both have 500 milliAmp current and both take the same amount of time to charge your device. 2200 mAh is one of the least expensive and more popular sizes for charging a mobile phone. However, be aware that it does take about 4 hours for this size power bank to fully charge your phone. For laptops or tablet devices you’ll want to consider having a power bank with at least 8000 mAh.

Power banks can charge from one to five devices simultaneously. Imprinted with your company logo, they would be wonderful gifts and incentives for clients, employees, and customers – even family members. With the holiday season right around the corner there’s still plenty of time to get power banks imprinted with your logo for gift giving or as a thank you to start off the New Year.

The last time I traveled I was stunned at the surge of people huddled along walls in the airport, the conference center of the summit I attended and the hotel where I stayed. Many men and women in business attire were sitting on the floor connected to their devices that were plugged into the nearest outlet. Imagine saving your clients or employees from having to crouch on a floor that’s been trampled by the masses.

The most important aspect of selecting power banks is to make sure they are UL inspected and certified. UL Certification guarantees the 7683749power bank has passed electrical, mechanical, environmental, and fire exposure tests. It is the most widely accepted certification. Also make sure the power bank you select has protective circuitry or PTC, which is a safety valve. It protects the equipment, the charged device as well as the user. When you order from a reputable promotional marketing company and discuss safety concerns before placing your order, you will be assured of getting the quality, capacity and current best for your needs.

The power of mobile communications is astonishing to watch as our world continues to evolve and change. As this phenomenal method of communicating expands there are opportunities galore to cash in on the trend. I, for one, am a huge proponent of putting my logo in the places where it’s going to be most noticed.

Isn’t it time for you to cut the cord, too and give your clients, customers and employees the freedom to do business without being tethered to a wall? It’s a powerful feeling to give people a new sense of freedom and a powerful way to build a brand.

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