A Look Into The Essence Of A Brand

What is Brand Essence?

I have noticed over the years that, when I ask about brand essence, many clients are easily confused. Some think it’s about their logo or a tagline. They want to put all of their attention on one or the other and think that will carry them through the ups and downs of the treacherous business landscape.

I love discussing Brand Essence, which is actually what gives life to any brand, be it a service or a product or both. In fact, every product is wrapped up in service. You cannot have one without the other. In the service business, service is the product. Brand Essence is akin to one’s personality. It embodies everything and ultimately becomes a reputation.

Brand Essence Explained

A simple overview of brand essence begins with defining your company’s goals, then educating your employees, customers and potential customers what those goals are. Once you know your goals, then clearly state what you do and how you function within those established goals and then how you go about making your brand available through the decisions made guided by your goals. It’s like raising a child with solid values and watching that child go off into the world and become a respected, much loved contributor to society.

As you see, brand essence is exuded in and on everything you do. From your signage to your collateral marketing materials to the apparel your employees wear to the promotional products you deliver to your clients and prospects. Your brand essence is communicated in the way anyone who walks through your doors is greeted.

Authenticity is Key

Staying true to your brand essence can be difficult if isn’t clearly defined and continually monitored. When a brand starts acting out of character with its defined essence, things can get chaotic and show up negatively on the bottom line.

At Gossett Marketing, understanding our clients’ brand essence is our number one priority. We love helping clients select and create appropriate promotional campaigns and items that communicate the very essence of their brands.

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