A Bit Of Serious Fun As Well As Sheer Frivolity: October Awareness And Holidays

It is without question the most well-known event during the month of October: Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast Cancer Awareness month really is overshadowing what I’m sure you thought I was going to say: Halloween! But, in addition to Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness, there are literally dozens of serious, fun and frivolous ways to reach out and acknowledge your employees, clients and prospects during the month. Your October marketing efforts can be lighthearted yet very impressive and set the stage for the big holiday season that comes right on the heels of Halloween.

How about kicking the month off with a promotion around National Homemade Cookies Day? Or National Do Something Nice Day on October 5th? The month is chock full of days devoted to yummy foods and popular sports: There’s National Taco Day, National Cinnamon Roll Day and National Golf Lovers’ Day! For those with school age children, you may want to pay tribute in some way to International Teachers Day. Then there’s National Nut Day and Back to The Future Day. Pick and choose your list of clients, customers, employees, and prospects based on their business, their role on your team and their individual personalities. 

Of course, you can find something intriguing to inspire an opportunity to send something to recognize the efforts of your employees, the loyalty of your customers and the anticipated partnership of prospects every month. Now is the time to get a jump on the unexpected as well as the expected opportunities the month of October provides. We are standing by to help with ideas for ways you can personalize, customize, emboss, engrave, and otherwise make your promotions pop and delight! Give us a call. I think I can smell the cookies baking already!

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